Cookies and privacy

This website stores your IP-address, but does not personally identify you. We use the information to manage and maintain our website and collect statistics on actions at our web site, so that we may improve it.

Web analysis and cookies

This website collects and manages anonymous information about visitors on  We use ordinary internet technology, including Google Analytics, to gather information of all visitors in order for us to tailor for the best possible functionality as well as continued development of the information offered on our website.  This information is collected from the computer browser and may include the IP-address, operating system, browser software (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer), screen resolution and transmitter.

«Cookies» are small pieces of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer or mobile device. This enables the website to recognize your previous actions and preferences the next time you visit the site.  HALD use the following cookies:

Statistics and information on how visitors use our website. We collect information and create reports that help us improve your experience.  The tools use first party cookies in order to collect data. These cookies and the data collected are anonymous and do not personally identify anyone.  Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually modify your browser settings to suit your requirements or chose to decline cookies altogether if you prefer. However, this may prevent you from taking full advantage of the website. Consent to storing cookies is given via the browser settings, if the appropriate settings are enabled to accept cookies.  Equally, consent is given when using a browser that «by default» enables the storing of cookies.


If you would prefer that HALD do not process your personal data, you may opt out of this on Google Analytics or by changing the security settings on your computer. Read more about opting out of Google Analytics registration.